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Each year, we claim numerous prizes in prestigious (inter)national design competitions. For the first time, ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. will be presenting a group exhibition of all of the award-winning designers from the Antwerp region, entitled “Award Winning Designers”. From 5 February, at Designcenter De Winkelhaak, you can discover the impressive design quality the Antwerp region has to offer in this fascinating survey show.

Talent, originality, craftsmanship and hard work have long been recognised in the creative sector with (design) awards. Often, the designers remain anonymous for the end-users and they never find out who was behind the brilliant marketing campaign, who came up with the solution for breathing and snoring problems or who designed the multifunctional furniture for the children's bedrooms. Design prizes give well deserved recognition to designers, developers and inventors; each year, Award Winning Designers brings them all together so that the public can discover their talents.

Innovative , creative talent in Antwerp
The ‘Award Winning Designers’ in this exhibition are all from the Antwerp region, have their place of work here, or graduated from a design programme in the province. The winning objects belong to disciplines such as graphic design, product design, service design, scenography, interior design, branding and multimedia.

In 2015 there was a bumper crop of prizes for Antwerp designers, with around 20 designers and companies to be featured in the exhibition.

The awards include the Good Design Awards, iF Awards, Henry van de Velde Labels & Awards, Red Dot Awards, VENEZ Hospitality Award and International design and communication award. Prizes were also taken in categories such as furniture, scenography and installations, as well as multiple prizes for healthcare equipment.

Winning designers
Here, around 20 designers and creative companies represent the quality available in the region. Amongst them are Novosanis, Made, Achilles Design, Evi Peeters (Duval Branding), Mathias De Ferm, Digiti, Yellow Window, Pinkeye, Dos Santos, Katelijne de Kessel, Mmood, Anyway Doors, Piet Boon, Buzzispace, Mmood, Tibo Grandry en Samsonite.

Award Winning Designers is an initiative of ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. This design platform combines the efforts of designers, companies, schools and government to stimulate collaboration in the creative sector and to encourage the use of design in other sectors.

Team AWD
Project coordination: Designcenter De Winkelhaak
Scenography: Dries Otten
Graphic design, web design and development: WeMakeGraphics


Exhibition: 5 February till 23 April 2016. Open on weekdays 9h00 - 18h00 and Saturdays from 14h00 - 18h00. Closed on Sundays and holidays. Free entrance.