18.00 uur - 22.00 uur
  • Prijs: €100
  • Studenten: €40

During this workshop, you'll discover the endless possibilities offered by script lettering. Starting from the basics of formal script letters, you deconstruct and rebuilt the letters, in order to obtain your own unique letter shapes. Get inspired by fat bottom lettering, reversed contrast and a diversity of script lettering drawing techniques. This workshop is not about drawing 'the perfect letter,' but about creating a distinctive design that attracts and inspires.

By Geertrui Storms

Geertrui is a graphic designer, lettering artist, and co-founder of Type Platform. She found her true passion in print and letters (and cats, but that’s another story). That passion surfaced in countless workshops all over Belgium and in her freelance career in which she is able to create, draw, and do the things she loves most.


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Language: EN or NL, in consultation with the participants (maximum 12).