This Meetup is for anyone who is interested in User Experience. We organize a session once a month. We drink beers and invite UX professionals to talk.  Here the 2 talks we're happy to present this time:

"The near future for artificial intelligence and conversation bots"

Pieter is a digital and UX strategist who's currently setting up a new UX department at Pàu. When he's not at work he likes to cook, play the bass in his band and travel to beautiful places.2016 seems to become the breakthrough year for artificial intelligence and the main form they will come in will be conversation bots. In this talk the most common forms of AI and how they're represented in UI's will be discussed. We'll take a look at when and where bots can play an important role and what is needed to set up a successful one.

"Beyond The Lab, Into-The-Wild Testing"

Jan is the co-founder of UXprobe. He is an experienced software engineer and certified usability designer. He puts the user at the core of all his work and leads product management at UXprobe. Today UX testing is still mostly done in a lab with a very small set of users. The rise of analytics services and online micro-feedback tools is changing the state of art. It is possible now to understand how people, on a large scale, experience products in the real world. Get the last update on that remote usability testing Jan is working on.

Just like last time:
you have now the possibility to reserve sandwiches & soup to have a nice bite before the UX Meetup!
Reserve in advance by sending me an e-mail
Pay when arriving at the UX Meetup.
Please, if you can not come, cancel no later than Monday 25th of April.

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Happy to see you in De Winkelhaak again!


April 26th, from 18 till 21h - Designcenter de Winkelhaak