Collectors Club is a creative club without borders, where fashion knows no limits. We defy norms, exploring our boundless creativity. As both retailers turned designers, we effortlessly blend fabrics, textures, and fits, creating smart clothes that resonate.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the transformative power of clothes. We believe they have the ability to uplift your energy and change your life. Our mission is to infuse joy, fun, and positivity into your everyday reality, acting as a vibrant charging station to fuel your journey.

Prepare to make the everyday extraordinary with our versatile collection. From morning to evening, our contemporary garments accompany your every step. When styled and combined, they come alive, turning the ordinary into something truly remarkable.

Join us in embracing limitless creativity. Collectors Club celebrates the fusion of innovation and expression. Step into a world where clothes shape your story, and ordinary moments become extraordinary.

Virginia Visan
Senior Womenswear Designer
Maddalena Annunziata
Senior Womenswear Designer
Astrid Lefevre
Sales & International Development
Textiel en/of Mode

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2060 Antwerpen

09 349 42 03
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