Prospero & Partners is a management consultancy that helps food and agriculture organizations create value sustainably. We help clients fulfil their untapped potential with fresh approaches to strategy & sustainability, leadership & engagement and culture & change.

Since 1999, our integrated consultancy services have been helping some of the world’s leading organizations to cultivate change and harvest value. We work to help clients find more creative and effective responses to stubborn problems that can’t be solved with familiar solutions. Our consultants approach the challenges clients face with real empathy and a constructive combination of curiosity, commitment and competence.

We bring a unique, rich mix of capabilities:

  • A deep understanding of the agricultural space and the complex technical issues that underpin it, combined with an agnostic respect for a diversity agricultural technologies, models and policies
  • Expertise from diverse academic disciplines, ranging from management science to communications, economics, politics, anthropology, behavioural science, psychodynamics and systems analysis
  • A history of serving very diverse organizations, ranging from multinational companies to international institutions, trade associations, start-ups, charities, advocacy groups and NGOs
  • Extensive experience of consulting to a global clientele, delivering system-wide support that spans boundaries, with international projects and programs completed on six continents
  • Cross-cultural competence in multiple languages, with a capacity to translate complex global challenges and business strategies into concepts and stories that have local relevance and meaning
  • A long legacy of paying deep, respectful attention to the human systems in which clients struggle to achieve their goals, combined with a capacity to help people safely surface, address and resolve difficult issues
  • Refreshingly unorthodox yet highly effective consultancy skills, tools and methodologies that have evolved and continue to be applied, calibrated and perfected in real-world consulting contexts
  • Expertise in developing and deploying truly participative research that involves clients and their stakeholders in uncovering the evidence and insights needed to support success and sustain change
Barbara Verplancken
project manager

Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26
2060 Antwerpen

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