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Jeroen van den Bogaert collects, dissects, and reorganises visual depictions of behavioural patterns in historical and contemporary culture. The bridge between these different eras is established by juxtaposing both.

The employed modern imagery can be recognised by an internet-like rapidity and arbitrariness, whereas their historical equivalents often radiate a sense of long-time precision and craftsmanship. The mixture of these images originating from different times is predominantly interwoven in the form of tapestry works. These textile objects embody the merging between past and present by demonstrating how a classic medium can nowadays be constructed in a modern, computer-controlled process.

The contrasts and similarities in the convergence of these images, on such a classic carrier create a ubiquitous yet surprising sensation. In doing so, van den Bogaert questions whether our world is remaining stuck in the same paradigm despite major societal shifts.


The exhibition is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, except on public holidays. The exhibition is not accessible if an event is taking place in the hall. To be sure, you can always call +32 (0)3 727 10 30.