Where creative people connect!

DE WINKELHAAK | HOUSE OF C is an incubator for innovative entrepreneurship and is part of a project to revitalise the Antwerp central station district.

The new build was realised with funding from the European Union, the Flemish Community, the City of Antwerp and private investors. The day-to-day operation is financed entirely with its own revenue.

On average some 30 compagnies occupy our studios, which we help grow into stable and enterprising SMEs.

In De Winkelhaak you will form part of a creative think-tank, share knowledge and contacts with your competitive colleagues. Everything is centred around a cross pollination while you spread your wings as a successful entrepreneur.

Aside from the professional business section there is also an original design gallery for the general public and a bar with the best coffee in the whole of Antwerp.  The lecture hall and meeting rooms are also available for external compagnies or organisations.