Making Of Architecture was founded in 2013 by Olfa Kammoun and Mohamed Bouzrara and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. 
Making Of Architecture is defining as a story telling about our architectural products.  It’s a Time line of  architecture where the project evolves through a creative process.

MOA architects/Makers lead the researches to develop their design method and their own approach of making architecture.

As a young start-up in the architecture fields, Olfa and Mohamed work in collaboration with different international architecture firms such as JDS architects in Brussels and 3XN architects in Copenhagen.   They participate on many competitions and commissions in different scale - from single building to masterplans for cities -

Seeking for new methods, forms & programs, their work was honoured with many prizes & published on many web & printed media.
Recently, MOA took part of the international French competition ‘Reinventer Paris’ launched to call for innovative urban projects and offered 23 sites to all professionals to express the future of the city of Paris.  Jointly with 3XN architects MOA ended up with the second price for the Pershing site, running against some major architecture firms such as OMA, Sou Foujimoto and Jacques Ferrier.

With 3XN architects we collaborate on several other French competitions.
In 2015, MOA was purchased from the five runners up for the Europan 13 together with MLBS architects from Rotterdam. An urban-architectural competition for urban design professionals under 40, Europan 13 was focus on a major theme: Adaptable cities. MOA research was concern about how vacant places could evolve to an attractive and vibrant urban space within a shared process and self-organisation.

In 2014, MOA collaborate with Bobby Fogel (bF architecture) and was honoured with many prizes like the 2nd prize for the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest, the 2nd prize for the Atheletic Stadium in Brazilia and the 3rd prize for the House of Fairytale for H.Ch Anderson in Odense.

Mohamed Bouzrara
+32 487 87 37 60
Olfa Kammoun
+32 488 01 45 13

Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26
2060 Antwerpen

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